Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a while

So, I started this blog to tell of all the interesting things that happen. I had a few, and hopefully I will get better at telling them as they happen. On the most part, however, I found that I have a totally boring life. Not exactly, but I wish I did more. I would love to be like my grandfather and go off on trips on boats and cross country, visit the world and tell of the wonderful things I see. However, I am one of the broker then broke Americans who is struggling to make things work. I know I can do it, and quite frankly, it's not the Economy that has led me to be this way. This is where I am learning to budget properly, and I am even going to learn to cut coupons from the paper and try to save money grocery shopping and all. That should be fun. I guess this entry really shows why you should not be Jeff.

Anyhoo... I guess I can write one interesting conversation I had. Or, at least it was to me, so if you don't think it was interesting, well, whatever. I was trying to get out of work for an appointment with my therapist (which I really needed to talk things out with him - I had an exceptionally traumatizing morning) and was waiting on my boss to get back so I could leave. Of course, my girlfriend is waiting outside (tell you why in a moment) and I am on the verge of running late... perfect time for a person to call! I get this call from a lady who had put in a request the week before, and she wanted to inquire about it. She tells me who she is and that she has a request for a laptop, except I do not find one at all with her name on it. After trying to figure out why she wouldn't be in there after insisting she had spoke to me about it, I figured I would make sure that it was not under some other persons name, and she just put it in. Bingo! Found it. Now, she wants to know if she can pick it up. Being she put it in, I figured there shouldn't be any problem whatsoever. Now, after telling someone this, you wouldn't expect the person to go "Well, neither of us are picking it up, we are sending this person to pick it up". Hmmm... Now she is introducing a third person on the spot! I politely tell her "Well, her name isn't on the request, so this would be a problem. At this point, only you and the person you requested it for can pick it up". I figured that would be simple enough, but no, sh goes on to say "Why are you making this all dificult?" !!!! OMG!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I had to really bite my tongue hard! So, needless to say, I politely reminded her that she put the request in and had every opportunity to fill in the correct names, but since she didn't, I will ask what names should go ware, put it in so the third party was the responsible party, problem solved and I leave finally. During the middle of this conversation, my girlfriend was trying to call me by the way, and I had to pick up so she could hear part of this conversation, so I have a partial witness in her, and my boss who came in on the right moment to hear my response and laugh.

OK, so off to the earlier part where I would tell you why my girlfriend is picking me up. I think I have mentioned her here, her name is Mary, and is very dear to me. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend. So much so, that she is currently driving me to and from work while my car is broken and waiting on a part.

As I just said, my car broke. The alternator died one morning on the way to work I start to panic because I find out halfway that my car is starting to shut down because it is running on the battery. I actually make it to the intersection right at where I work! Yes, what a wonderful place - 500 yards from where I need to park my car. My boss even saw me, so I had some funny comments as I finally got in. So, I start shopping around, and I of course am a bit broke. So, I borrow my dads truck until I can get the part, fix my car, and be on with my life.

Well, that last part didn't exactly happen so wonderfully. As I was driving to work the next week, a tree fell. On his truck. As I was driving by. Yes, I had got the wrath of an angry Mother Nature for some reason. I still have yet to get an answer from God on how this is supposed to impact my life really. Scratch that, it did impact my life in this current time. Luckily, as I had plenty of witnesses to account how there was no avoiding this for me, I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, it got labeled an act of God, and the truck got totaled and my dad got a shiny new truck. As for me - I get to use a rental through the insurance. I get this for a good 22 days. All ok, except my part has not come in. Well, I hadn't ordered it yet as I am trying to fix my financial situation. I did manage to find one on the Internet for cheap - as in about $150 after shipping and including the core price. (I get $50 back once I return). I put that on order. This is where my wonderful girlfriend comes in... she is temporarily helping me to work as I am a looser and didn't put the part in earlier. I just really didn't know it would take this long. Found out that not only do I have to wait for the shipment, but also for them to basically put it together, test it, and then ship it off. Been a week and a half now, still no sign of part. Sheesh.

Remember: Don't be Jeff!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a wonderful day today!

So, found another great thing to add to my last posting on creativity. You know, you got to love the creative side of even the staff at You Tube! (well, and me, I had to find this video as it was an old one, and not featured today either).

You Tube video of the day

P.S. I couldn't embed this one as they didn't want me to, but it was for the better. The comments are just great as always!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yay for creative efforts!

I know I may be slow, but this is the first time I saw this. What an amazing event that I wish I could have witnessed first hand.

Imagine the effort that it took to get that going! Well, they actually showed a little of the rehearsal for the event the night before in another video. There is also a video showing the response to the event by those who seen it first hand. Kudos to T-Mobile in the UK for coming up with this idea.

Now for the crazy part of this. On You Tube there are quite a few jerks who would rather spout their hate and ignorance. I am amazed that there are people in this world that can't see the importance of doing these stunts. I understand that you may be frustrated, or may be against commercialism because it never worked for you. However, this took someones idea, the same persons effort to make it happen, and a whole bunch of people to do it. Everyone that was there was thoroughly entertained. People who watch this on You Tube is entertained (those who want to be anyway). Sometimes I wish I could tell people to go find a hobby that involves creativity. I have found it in music performance myself, and am able to enjoy other peoples creativity more in my opinion because I know how it is to make something for others to enjoy.

I guess this all goes back to an older post of mine in education of the Arts. Sad that people don't see things that way...

Monday, March 23, 2009

am I really getting old?

Ahh, age. What a wonderful thing. I remember the time when I saw someones birthday was in the 60's and thought they where of the 'older' group, and that was like 10 to 15 years ago. Now I can see them as being friends. Of course, it all does take full swing really. Take for instance three years ago. I am at work, and one of the girls there ask me how old I am. at the time I had just turned 28, and she did the math pretty quick because her responce was "You where born in the 70's?!?" She was 18, so I promptly told her to remember how she asked me that in about 10 years and some 18 year old punk says that to them.

Of course, this goes on to musical taste as well. Here is a wonderful example from a comic I love called 'Imy'

To tell you the truth, this is what brought upon my topic of discussion today. It reminded me of how a couple weeks ago I was talking with some younger women (like 18 or 19) and they referred to the music I was listening to as 'Oldies'. I was listening to classic rock! Yes, folks, music from the 70's and 80's are now considered by the younger generations as 'Oldies'! To my parents and others of older generations, I do apologize for ever knocking your choice in music and calling it 'Oldies' (even though that is what they named that era of music, and they named it themselves... that genre has died sadly, but that's another story for another day) because I can honestly say that the notion that the music that you are listening to is now classified as old really sucks! I have listened to classic rock thinking it was great stuff from an earlier generation, yet when my music is called classic rock I feel like my dad.

Anyway, I am starting to sound like a broken record. OH WAIT!!! The younger generation doesn't know anything about that either, so I better leave before I really date myself.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

my life is music

So, I guess I am not being good at this whole blog thing yet. Anyway, the reason is I really want to be unique. Something that people will want and come read what I write. Let me tell you, this is no easy task. I think of things, but you know how it is, you end up being your own worst critic. I have threatened my wonderful girlfriend that I would post some of our interactions here, but I don't know if she would totally appreciate that. Nothing bad of course, but why do I want to embarrass her when it's me who I should be embarrassing! Not really. But still, trying to come up with things here.

I do have a few things to say however. One large thing that has been in my conscious for years. As many of you who know me, and for those who don't, I am a musician. I have always been in music even at a very young age. To me, if it were not for the public education system, I don't know where I would have been able to find, develop, and learn to appreciate the talent that God has given me.

That being said, it is very disturbing to me every time I hear of another public school system loosing their music program. Or theater program. Or any sort of program that promotes any of the arts for that matter. I know the three R's are important. However, is it worth cutting programs that is vital to the very important role that the Arts programs such as art, theater, and music is to our culture to just cut it out? Do we want to be a culture of robots, who have no feeling, no way of expressing ourselves? Not only that, but not everyone is cut out to be an engineer, or scientist, or lawyer, or doctor, etc. I was wanting to research just how much of the music stars of today started off in the public schools, but that was something I don't have the time or resources for I doubt. I wonder if anyone can help me. I know there has to be a good majority out there that have started off in our public schools in either band or choir, or even influenced by elementary and secondary music programs at the public school level even.

What brought this rant on was me watching a music channel on TV that was started by VH1 I think. Not sure, but VH1 has a program out to promote music education. I think this is a great idea. For one, it is targeted at older adults, but I think it's something worth promoting to everyone. Our culture shouldn't suffer as much as our economy shouldn't, lets at least find a way to make it just as important.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


OOPS!!! I accidentally posted this in my Linux blog! Here it is for those I told :)

So, you ever have that stomach virus that is just deadly? I had that two years ago, and it stunk. I mean, I thought I was going to die. Anyway, I thought I had the onset of that yesterday. The whole stomach thing was definitely there, luckily not the sensation of dieing. Also, medicine took care of it, mostly. I am hoping I don't have any problems today.

So, guess you can say I did not watch anyone too interesting lately. However, my girlfriend Mary did. Me. She decided to tell me about me. She noticed before that I am usually not paying attention to her when I am hungry. I do not realize this, as I am usually in my own little happy world (I do mean happy little world, as I really do not know where this is, but I feel content). It was at Fuddruckers on the snow day. Oldies music is playing in the background, and there is no one really there save one cook, the manager who is taking the orders and I guess helping cook, one other table, and us. Not much for me to really watch. Except for the TV that is on a sports channel. Now, she thought this was the focus of my attention. However, it really wasn't. To tell you the truth, I don't know what I was focusing on, except I was aware of the PA system calling out the two orders of the one table that was there. She ended up saying I was paying attention to everything but her. Now, by this time I was giving her full attention, so I don't know what was going on. I really need to get my ADD taken care of...

On to other things... I think I am going to change the setup here. I started another blog, basicly dedicated to me using Linux and thus being Linux related. I also want to do other things, so this blog may change URL to here shortly. will still be here, just that it will be a launching point for the blogs and have other features such as sites I visit regularly, a picture area where I can post pictures of places I went, and even a friend of mine who draws little silly comics which he calls his 'whiteboard' (well, it is a whiteboard, and he does draw comics on it regularly) so I may put that on there as well.

I am having fun with this :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting people

So, I have found that this is definitely going to be a challenge. I mean, how easy will it be to really get to know enough of people to blog on their actions if I am just casually watching people as they go by? While I was sitting at Chipotle last night enjoying my burrito bowl, I decided to try it out. At first, I wasn't really thinking about trying to remember details about the people, and realized this when I thought of the couple that sat next to me. It was some skater kid with his date I guess you could say. What made me decide to try this quest on was the fact that his hat didn't seem to fit to me his roll, or did it? It was white, whith a prodominant Hurley symbol in the middle where a logo would normally go, and backwards. he had thick curley hair underneath. The bill was almost completely flat. Also, the hat was covered w/ small Hurley symbols in bright colors. It looked rather gay imho. But then it got me thinking of how what I found cool in my day also may be diffrent in this day in age. Then there was his date. She was the usual skinny blonde girl of high school age. The burrito was of course half her size, and she was holding it in one hand, eating it with a fork in the other. I guess that would be the most efficiant way for her to eat it being her mouth cannot be big enough to get around the usual overstuffed burritos at Chipotle.

Ok, so I really thought about that, and didn't know how interesting that really can be to blog on a regular basis, after all, that was just the short encounter that I had while there. So I tried again this morning at Golden Corral. Now, again I didn't actively think of doing this at first even though it was the plan, mainly because I was hungry. After I got my first plate I tried to pay more attention to the people around me. Now, if you are familiar with Golden Corral, you will realize that the majority of the people there are probably working class people. I have never been good at understanding their train of thought, and was honestly forced to realize this when attempting to date someone of this class. I am from an upper middle class family who is more in the professional class. Anyway, I hadn't really find anyone too interesting, exept for two people. The first was this one gentleman. He was short, older man, beard and glasses, wearing a sweater vest. He had a plate in one hand eating a pastery off of it, and at first I was wondering if he was eating while attempting to get in line. This bothered me a bit, but he looked after a while as actually waiting on someone in line. I guess that just struck me as odd for some reason. After I got to the buffet, the next interesting person shows up. Some lady who looked of Pacific Island decent I guess you can say. She was walking past everyone, eyeing out the buffet. What made it her interesting was the fact that she seemed to completely not realize that there are tons of people in the line, or even that they where there at all. She ended up finding something she wanted, which was right in front of the person ahead of me. He was a nice guy, because I am sure other people other then him and me would actually get offended and ask what the heck she was doing. Again, this was mostly because she was not really aware of anyone around her. Odd.

Anyway, this is just the beguinning of trying to write about people, so I really do hope it gets better. I am at the Library with my girlfriend, and honestly, while there are alot of people, I haven't figured out how to put my surroundings in an entertaining way. I will continue to sit here for the next 20 min. before this place closes and brainstorm a bit more on this.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog topics

So, after thinking for a while what sorts of stuff I want to blog on, it hit me. I love watching people. I like it so much unconsciously that my girlfriend will make conscious efforts to try to position me in a way that I pay attention to her, and not my surroundings. I don't know if she still does that, because she found it near impossible when my ADD is on overdrive. I do encounter odd people all the time, and love just sitting there and hoping to find someone to watch that is out of the ordinary. I hope this is something I can develop over time, as I find that this just may be an interesting avenue to pursue. We shall see...

P.S. I will keep their identities private of course... it would be rude of me to blog on people and give them away!

Monday, February 23, 2009

phone numbers

Ok, this is in response to my brother not knowing what his own number is. First off, my dear old dad tells me he does not know or remember what my brothers number is. He tells me to ask my brother the next time I talk to him online. After many attempts at trying to get in touch w/ him on Yahoo! Instant Messenger, I finally get a hold of him. His response? "I don't know, dad has that number." AHHHH!!!!! CAN SOMEONE JUST GIVE ME THE FLIPPIN' NUMBER?? He has got to be the hardest person to get a hold of for me... well, maybe not, but he is up there.
So, this whole weekend I spent either doing nothing, or spending time w/ my girlfriend. The whole time I did nothing I just pretty much spent it being a vegetable. How boring. I wanted to blog, but being that I am starting up again, and realizing I want to come up w/ my own blogging identity per se, I just thought about it with no luck. I do have to admit I started one, but I didn't feel like being all political being there are too many people out there doing that, and that either you piss off alot of people or you make friends with people who you had no intentions making friends with. I am a geek. Geeks don't get into politics unless they are fixing someones computer that is in politics.

On a side note, I do need to be better on my diet. Although I didn't overeat, I didn't exactly eat the right things this weekend. I was careful to moderate the intake, but I guess you can say the intake was of least quality. Uno pizza friday night, Saturday I had the worst of the worst in fast food, and tried to make up for it w/ a subway sandwhich in the evening, and Sunday I was at Bob Evens and had biscuits and gravey and steak tips and noodles (Although that's all I had that day, but that still doesn't make up for it). I need to figure out some things to start cooking again that doesn't break the bank and intrests my tastes...

I hope that I come up with some more interesting stuff soon. My mind is full of entertainment, just never when I want to entertain.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Doc appointment set and music

So, I finally got my doctors appointment set at this place my GF goes to get her head shrinked... Basically, I have ADD. And although I would love to say I can deal with it, as my career goes on, I think it's starting to hinder me. I mean, I can't be like "well, I need to get this fixed, but... hey, that looks cool!!" I love being a techie, and love music, and WoW, and my GF, and blogging, but then it all gets mixed up with work, and then I get lost.

On a side note, a friend was reminding me of the state of musical talent as of late. Back when I was in HS and college, we had some awesome bands all around the country, not just at the usual powerhouses, but even at places like wonderful Ole Miss. He says the quality just doesn't seem the same. I have noticed a trend in lack of musical talent as well over the years. I don't blame the educators, and I am definitely not saying that there are great talents out there. But wow, musicanship just seems not to be important to less people now... Or maybe places like that aren't just able to attract the talent? Who knows... maybe people are looking for cheaper education in this time of less money to go around...
I like this song for some odd reason...

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You know, all the bad drivers like to take off on Fridays, and sometimes Mondays, if the weather is nice. I know this, because traffic at the usual spots (i.e. at exit ramps) are fine on these days in the mornings. I also notice that these same bad drivers like to go to Baltimore on Friday night, because traffic is especially bad going up 295. It is always bad during rush hour, being that they slow down right before the bottleneck ends before 197 (isn't it funny that a reverse bottleneck creates traffic??), but for some reason it's a dead crawl even past Greenbelt Rd on Fridays. It's a Parkway, so we can't blame it on trucks...

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch and new Dell laptops

So, yeah, I went to lunch today at the local CP diner... pretty nice for a Diner really. Anyway, got into a great discussion w/ a coworker on the economy and ways that congress should really fix the situation, although I doubt seriously they would like it. Basically, my idea is that since there are quite a bit of the more Liberal Congress/Senators who wish for a more socialistic, entitleistic(sp?) society, that they should just get rid of their salaries, and depend on the tax payers to provide them with living space, food, and possibly entertainment. We already have one, sorta, who is like that, The President. We provide him with a really nice house, and of course his food is prepaired for him at our expense, he just has the luxury of a $200,000 anual salary. Of course, he uses that for personal trips, entertaining guests, etc, but that's ok. The President deserves that. However, the other elected officials are left finding their own housing, their own transportation, their own food, and get hefty salaries (although not as much as the Pres) to do so. So why not have them provided a living space, food, etc provided with taxpayer dolars and then provide a stipend to cover their own personal entertainment, etc? The big problem with that is they get to vote on what they feel would be fair, which would be overly extravagent, so I guess it wouldn't work in the longrun.

On another note, we got these new Dell laptops last week with the task to prep them for this week, 11 to be exact. Not a bad task, exept they are a diffrent model then usual. We go from D620's and D630's to these Latitude E6400's, which are buggy to say the least. What seemed like a simple task ended in a nightmare. Ghost console won't read the computers right, so they think they are the same laptop when all 11 are plugged in. When using Bart's PE to do the imaging, I ended up having to learn that the Intel drivers, not the OEM drivers, where the correct drivers to use. Not to mention the darned Verizon Wireless modules built into the system. Yeah, not the most pleasent of expierience getting them set up. I am finally glad that it is over with.

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Second post w/ updates

Ok, so I updated my profile, and added this Foxytunes thing to post the song I am listening to. Get more people to follow my blog!

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First post!

Hmm, well this will be a definite work in progress. I haven't blogged in a while, but have always enjoyed it when I have. Ohh, I have spell check enabled in here! That is a good thing, as I am a horrible speller. Also, I hope to have this thing tell songs I am listening to on Shoutcast soon. And better layout, things like that. Keep looking here for more!