Saturday, February 28, 2009

Interesting people

So, I have found that this is definitely going to be a challenge. I mean, how easy will it be to really get to know enough of people to blog on their actions if I am just casually watching people as they go by? While I was sitting at Chipotle last night enjoying my burrito bowl, I decided to try it out. At first, I wasn't really thinking about trying to remember details about the people, and realized this when I thought of the couple that sat next to me. It was some skater kid with his date I guess you could say. What made me decide to try this quest on was the fact that his hat didn't seem to fit to me his roll, or did it? It was white, whith a prodominant Hurley symbol in the middle where a logo would normally go, and backwards. he had thick curley hair underneath. The bill was almost completely flat. Also, the hat was covered w/ small Hurley symbols in bright colors. It looked rather gay imho. But then it got me thinking of how what I found cool in my day also may be diffrent in this day in age. Then there was his date. She was the usual skinny blonde girl of high school age. The burrito was of course half her size, and she was holding it in one hand, eating it with a fork in the other. I guess that would be the most efficiant way for her to eat it being her mouth cannot be big enough to get around the usual overstuffed burritos at Chipotle.

Ok, so I really thought about that, and didn't know how interesting that really can be to blog on a regular basis, after all, that was just the short encounter that I had while there. So I tried again this morning at Golden Corral. Now, again I didn't actively think of doing this at first even though it was the plan, mainly because I was hungry. After I got my first plate I tried to pay more attention to the people around me. Now, if you are familiar with Golden Corral, you will realize that the majority of the people there are probably working class people. I have never been good at understanding their train of thought, and was honestly forced to realize this when attempting to date someone of this class. I am from an upper middle class family who is more in the professional class. Anyway, I hadn't really find anyone too interesting, exept for two people. The first was this one gentleman. He was short, older man, beard and glasses, wearing a sweater vest. He had a plate in one hand eating a pastery off of it, and at first I was wondering if he was eating while attempting to get in line. This bothered me a bit, but he looked after a while as actually waiting on someone in line. I guess that just struck me as odd for some reason. After I got to the buffet, the next interesting person shows up. Some lady who looked of Pacific Island decent I guess you can say. She was walking past everyone, eyeing out the buffet. What made it her interesting was the fact that she seemed to completely not realize that there are tons of people in the line, or even that they where there at all. She ended up finding something she wanted, which was right in front of the person ahead of me. He was a nice guy, because I am sure other people other then him and me would actually get offended and ask what the heck she was doing. Again, this was mostly because she was not really aware of anyone around her. Odd.

Anyway, this is just the beguinning of trying to write about people, so I really do hope it gets better. I am at the Library with my girlfriend, and honestly, while there are alot of people, I haven't figured out how to put my surroundings in an entertaining way. I will continue to sit here for the next 20 min. before this place closes and brainstorm a bit more on this.

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