Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been a while

So, I started this blog to tell of all the interesting things that happen. I had a few, and hopefully I will get better at telling them as they happen. On the most part, however, I found that I have a totally boring life. Not exactly, but I wish I did more. I would love to be like my grandfather and go off on trips on boats and cross country, visit the world and tell of the wonderful things I see. However, I am one of the broker then broke Americans who is struggling to make things work. I know I can do it, and quite frankly, it's not the Economy that has led me to be this way. This is where I am learning to budget properly, and I am even going to learn to cut coupons from the paper and try to save money grocery shopping and all. That should be fun. I guess this entry really shows why you should not be Jeff.

Anyhoo... I guess I can write one interesting conversation I had. Or, at least it was to me, so if you don't think it was interesting, well, whatever. I was trying to get out of work for an appointment with my therapist (which I really needed to talk things out with him - I had an exceptionally traumatizing morning) and was waiting on my boss to get back so I could leave. Of course, my girlfriend is waiting outside (tell you why in a moment) and I am on the verge of running late... perfect time for a person to call! I get this call from a lady who had put in a request the week before, and she wanted to inquire about it. She tells me who she is and that she has a request for a laptop, except I do not find one at all with her name on it. After trying to figure out why she wouldn't be in there after insisting she had spoke to me about it, I figured I would make sure that it was not under some other persons name, and she just put it in. Bingo! Found it. Now, she wants to know if she can pick it up. Being she put it in, I figured there shouldn't be any problem whatsoever. Now, after telling someone this, you wouldn't expect the person to go "Well, neither of us are picking it up, we are sending this person to pick it up". Hmmm... Now she is introducing a third person on the spot! I politely tell her "Well, her name isn't on the request, so this would be a problem. At this point, only you and the person you requested it for can pick it up". I figured that would be simple enough, but no, sh goes on to say "Why are you making this all dificult?" !!!! OMG!!!! I couldn't believe my ears! I had to really bite my tongue hard! So, needless to say, I politely reminded her that she put the request in and had every opportunity to fill in the correct names, but since she didn't, I will ask what names should go ware, put it in so the third party was the responsible party, problem solved and I leave finally. During the middle of this conversation, my girlfriend was trying to call me by the way, and I had to pick up so she could hear part of this conversation, so I have a partial witness in her, and my boss who came in on the right moment to hear my response and laugh.

OK, so off to the earlier part where I would tell you why my girlfriend is picking me up. I think I have mentioned her here, her name is Mary, and is very dear to me. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful girlfriend. So much so, that she is currently driving me to and from work while my car is broken and waiting on a part.

As I just said, my car broke. The alternator died one morning on the way to work I start to panic because I find out halfway that my car is starting to shut down because it is running on the battery. I actually make it to the intersection right at where I work! Yes, what a wonderful place - 500 yards from where I need to park my car. My boss even saw me, so I had some funny comments as I finally got in. So, I start shopping around, and I of course am a bit broke. So, I borrow my dads truck until I can get the part, fix my car, and be on with my life.

Well, that last part didn't exactly happen so wonderfully. As I was driving to work the next week, a tree fell. On his truck. As I was driving by. Yes, I had got the wrath of an angry Mother Nature for some reason. I still have yet to get an answer from God on how this is supposed to impact my life really. Scratch that, it did impact my life in this current time. Luckily, as I had plenty of witnesses to account how there was no avoiding this for me, I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, it got labeled an act of God, and the truck got totaled and my dad got a shiny new truck. As for me - I get to use a rental through the insurance. I get this for a good 22 days. All ok, except my part has not come in. Well, I hadn't ordered it yet as I am trying to fix my financial situation. I did manage to find one on the Internet for cheap - as in about $150 after shipping and including the core price. (I get $50 back once I return). I put that on order. This is where my wonderful girlfriend comes in... she is temporarily helping me to work as I am a looser and didn't put the part in earlier. I just really didn't know it would take this long. Found out that not only do I have to wait for the shipment, but also for them to basically put it together, test it, and then ship it off. Been a week and a half now, still no sign of part. Sheesh.

Remember: Don't be Jeff!

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