Friday, February 20, 2009

Doc appointment set and music

So, I finally got my doctors appointment set at this place my GF goes to get her head shrinked... Basically, I have ADD. And although I would love to say I can deal with it, as my career goes on, I think it's starting to hinder me. I mean, I can't be like "well, I need to get this fixed, but... hey, that looks cool!!" I love being a techie, and love music, and WoW, and my GF, and blogging, but then it all gets mixed up with work, and then I get lost.

On a side note, a friend was reminding me of the state of musical talent as of late. Back when I was in HS and college, we had some awesome bands all around the country, not just at the usual powerhouses, but even at places like wonderful Ole Miss. He says the quality just doesn't seem the same. I have noticed a trend in lack of musical talent as well over the years. I don't blame the educators, and I am definitely not saying that there are great talents out there. But wow, musicanship just seems not to be important to less people now... Or maybe places like that aren't just able to attract the talent? Who knows... maybe people are looking for cheaper education in this time of less money to go around...

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