Thursday, March 5, 2009


OOPS!!! I accidentally posted this in my Linux blog! Here it is for those I told :)

So, you ever have that stomach virus that is just deadly? I had that two years ago, and it stunk. I mean, I thought I was going to die. Anyway, I thought I had the onset of that yesterday. The whole stomach thing was definitely there, luckily not the sensation of dieing. Also, medicine took care of it, mostly. I am hoping I don't have any problems today.

So, guess you can say I did not watch anyone too interesting lately. However, my girlfriend Mary did. Me. She decided to tell me about me. She noticed before that I am usually not paying attention to her when I am hungry. I do not realize this, as I am usually in my own little happy world (I do mean happy little world, as I really do not know where this is, but I feel content). It was at Fuddruckers on the snow day. Oldies music is playing in the background, and there is no one really there save one cook, the manager who is taking the orders and I guess helping cook, one other table, and us. Not much for me to really watch. Except for the TV that is on a sports channel. Now, she thought this was the focus of my attention. However, it really wasn't. To tell you the truth, I don't know what I was focusing on, except I was aware of the PA system calling out the two orders of the one table that was there. She ended up saying I was paying attention to everything but her. Now, by this time I was giving her full attention, so I don't know what was going on. I really need to get my ADD taken care of...

On to other things... I think I am going to change the setup here. I started another blog, basicly dedicated to me using Linux and thus being Linux related. I also want to do other things, so this blog may change URL to here shortly. will still be here, just that it will be a launching point for the blogs and have other features such as sites I visit regularly, a picture area where I can post pictures of places I went, and even a friend of mine who draws little silly comics which he calls his 'whiteboard' (well, it is a whiteboard, and he does draw comics on it regularly) so I may put that on there as well.

I am having fun with this :)

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