Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lunch and new Dell laptops

So, yeah, I went to lunch today at the local CP diner... pretty nice for a Diner really. Anyway, got into a great discussion w/ a coworker on the economy and ways that congress should really fix the situation, although I doubt seriously they would like it. Basically, my idea is that since there are quite a bit of the more Liberal Congress/Senators who wish for a more socialistic, entitleistic(sp?) society, that they should just get rid of their salaries, and depend on the tax payers to provide them with living space, food, and possibly entertainment. We already have one, sorta, who is like that, The President. We provide him with a really nice house, and of course his food is prepaired for him at our expense, he just has the luxury of a $200,000 anual salary. Of course, he uses that for personal trips, entertaining guests, etc, but that's ok. The President deserves that. However, the other elected officials are left finding their own housing, their own transportation, their own food, and get hefty salaries (although not as much as the Pres) to do so. So why not have them provided a living space, food, etc provided with taxpayer dolars and then provide a stipend to cover their own personal entertainment, etc? The big problem with that is they get to vote on what they feel would be fair, which would be overly extravagent, so I guess it wouldn't work in the longrun.

On another note, we got these new Dell laptops last week with the task to prep them for this week, 11 to be exact. Not a bad task, exept they are a diffrent model then usual. We go from D620's and D630's to these Latitude E6400's, which are buggy to say the least. What seemed like a simple task ended in a nightmare. Ghost console won't read the computers right, so they think they are the same laptop when all 11 are plugged in. When using Bart's PE to do the imaging, I ended up having to learn that the Intel drivers, not the OEM drivers, where the correct drivers to use. Not to mention the darned Verizon Wireless modules built into the system. Yeah, not the most pleasent of expierience getting them set up. I am finally glad that it is over with.

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