Monday, February 23, 2009

So, this whole weekend I spent either doing nothing, or spending time w/ my girlfriend. The whole time I did nothing I just pretty much spent it being a vegetable. How boring. I wanted to blog, but being that I am starting up again, and realizing I want to come up w/ my own blogging identity per se, I just thought about it with no luck. I do have to admit I started one, but I didn't feel like being all political being there are too many people out there doing that, and that either you piss off alot of people or you make friends with people who you had no intentions making friends with. I am a geek. Geeks don't get into politics unless they are fixing someones computer that is in politics.

On a side note, I do need to be better on my diet. Although I didn't overeat, I didn't exactly eat the right things this weekend. I was careful to moderate the intake, but I guess you can say the intake was of least quality. Uno pizza friday night, Saturday I had the worst of the worst in fast food, and tried to make up for it w/ a subway sandwhich in the evening, and Sunday I was at Bob Evens and had biscuits and gravey and steak tips and noodles (Although that's all I had that day, but that still doesn't make up for it). I need to figure out some things to start cooking again that doesn't break the bank and intrests my tastes...

I hope that I come up with some more interesting stuff soon. My mind is full of entertainment, just never when I want to entertain.

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