Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Needing to blog for a long time.. found a reason ;)

Hello world!

So, I work for Anne Arundel County again, this time in the public schools. Love the job! Anyhow, this is sort of why I am blogging.

They, of course, have a web filter in place to protect (I know what some may say, but it does...) the students from things they shouldn't be at. This site most likely included, as it is a personal page. Not that I actually tried to get to it before, but this domain also houses a mail server of mine (yup! I do have an email address that ends with Being Facebook is blocked as well (yeah, it eats up bandwidh, and we all know how drama can start with kids looking at other kids Facebook/Myspace/other social sites), and I needed some info from the sections Facebook page, I decided that the best way was to get it from the message it produced at one time. Blocked?!? Ok, again, I understand that my domain may get blocked eventually by the filter and it's crawlers, but the reason was what baffled me. It was blocked not because it was deemed a personal page, but for Pornography!

So, for all those who visit my site, enjoy the pics! And if you do see them, please let me know so I can take them off...

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