Friday, January 13, 2017

Five years late, but probably for the best!

So, you see viral things all the time. A lot of them are funny, and a lot are funny because they where awful. I found out that five years ago there was someone named Rebecca Black, who had some music video called 'Friday'. It was horrible. I guess I missed it for a good reason?

Thursday, December 15, 2016


I think I figured out how to post on my blog again!!! And I just switched over my DNS. So I am so glad I figured this out! OMG!!! I so need to start writing stuff, I think people have been asking. Edit: this used to be Blogspot, now it's Blogger. I was panicking because I couldn't figure out how to get in to create a new blog post.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Things you learn

So, learned a few things the last few days: -Whoever assigns addresses to roads can have lapses in judgement -Poor people will buy pizzas no matter how little money they have -It doesn't matter where you go, when tips are horrible, you will get stiffed even in the nice neighborhoods -My daughter is cute, and will get cuter as she gets older -I was not as bad as I thought on my interviews. However, there are others who are just as good as me that has one thing over me each time. On a plus note, I did get a contract job, but for like 7 days. It's at least something more than what I am getting now, and hopefully I can land a more regular job that I can work at to support my family better. Now, on to breakfast!